The project was initially created in 2017 as newtools/ebpf by a group of passionate developers wanting to bring the power eBPF to Go applications. It quickly gained traction within the Go community, especially for projects that couldn't or wouldn't build upon the CGo-based BCC bindings at the time (gobpf).

Since its inception, ebpf-go has seen remarkable growth and widespread adoption. It has become a fundamental building block for numerous open-source projects. Major industry players and forward-thinking startups have integrated the library into their technology stacks to combine the power and flexibility of eBPF with the iteration speed, runtime safety and ease of deployment provided by the Go language.

ebpf-go maintains a strong commitment to collaborating with the upstream Linux project, which ensures that it stays aligned with the latest advancements in the eBPF ecosystem and remains compatible with the evolving Linux kernel and its co-located BPF library, libbpf.

Thank you for being a part of our eBPF journey!

Last updated 2023-10-03
Authored by Timo Beckers