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Projects built with ebpf-go

Below is a non-comprehensive list of open-source software built with ebpf-go, just for inspiration or to gain a better understanding of how to tackle certain problems using eBPF.

A list of ebpf-go importers can be found on Sourcegraph. If you'd like to include a project on this page, feel free to open a pull request.


Kubernetes-oriented Container Networking Interface implementation providing network policy and observability.

containerd & runc

Used by Docker and podman, these use eBPF for implementing device filters in cgroups.


Zero-instrumentation observability featuring root cause analysis and anomaly detection.


The Datadog agent, the component responsible for collecting system and application metrics and shipping them to the Datadog platform.


A debugger for the Go programming language. Uses eBPF uprobes for tracing user space code execution.


gVisor relies on eBPF for implementing various forms of guest/workload isolation and security.

Inspektor Gadget

A collection of tools to debug and inspect Kubernetes resources and applications. Reimplements many of the BCC tools for easy deployment onto a Kubernetes cluster.


In Istio’s ambient mode, eBPF is used for redirecting application traffic to the zero-trust tunnel on the node.


KubeArmor allows restricting the behaviour of Pods, containers and Kubernetes nodes at the system level.


Emerging eBPF-based kube-proxy implementation, developed by the upstream Kubernetes project.


OpenShift's ingress node firewall is implemented using eBPF.


Packet, where are you? tcpdump, but for tracing a packet's journey through the kernel.


From Grafana, open source continuous profiling platform. Flame graphs!


eBPF-based security framework, also providing observability and runtime enforcement.


From Cloudflare, bind a service to any IP or port. See the announcement blog post for a deep dive into why it was created and how it works.

Last updated 2024-03-23
Authored by Timo Beckers