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Adding a new example

The library includes some examples to make getting started easier. The aim of the examples is to show how the library works, not how to implement a specific thing in eBPF. This is because the scope of eBPF is simply too large for us to cover.

Please consider the following before proposing a new example:

  1. What feature of the library does it showcase?
  2. Is there already an existing example for that feature? If yes, could it be extended without making it harder to understand?
  3. How complicated is the eBPF code required to make it work? How could the amount of eBPF be minimised?

Please contact the maintainers on Slack if you are in doubt about any of these points.

What makes a good example?

  • It should be concise. The less code the better.
  • It should show a single thing. The less configurable the better.
  • It should be well documented. Even a novice user must be able to follow along.
  • It should produce meaningful output or have an easily testable effect.
  • It should have as few requirements on software / hardware as possible.

Last updated 2024-06-10
Authored by Lorenz Bauer